George Samuel Hurst was a graduate from Berea College graduating in 1947. As a lecturer working at University of Kentucky in 1971, he became the inventor of the touch screen technology. With the touch screen technology he started the Elographics, Inc. His invention of the touch screen technology has now revolutionised how humans and computers interact, itís now used in everyday life from Mobile phones, self checkout supermarkets and various different scientific fields. Also being the inventor of touch screen technology he was also pioneered RIS laser tuning. With this technology the users are able to view atoms individually. This technology is now also used widely within different scientific fields such a ecology, neonatal care and physics research.


The first touch screen created which uses a transparent surface was developed by George and Elographics at 1974. Later at 1977 they developed and patented the first five-wire resistive technology, which is now one of the most popular touch screen technology used in this day and age.


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